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For experienced rueda de casino lovers:
YOU ARE INVITED to an unforgettable weekend in Toronto!

When: Fri/Sat/Sun Aug 16-18, 2024
Where: Toronto, Canada

Experience NEW Rueda Ideas




Torontonians often boast about their multiculturalism. It’s enshrined in the City of Toronto’s official motto – “Diversity Our Strength” – and observers from Anthony Bourdain to Amazon have highlighted Toronto’s unique advantage in having so many people here from diverse cultures and backgrounds. BBC Radio in 2016 even crowned Toronto as the most multicultural city in the world, after London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan offered up his own city for the title.

The only North American cities with higher foreign born rates than Toronto are the Cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Yet unlike the Toronto Region, where just about every corner of the world is represented, more than three quarters of immigrants in Miami hail from Latin America.

Miami has more Cubans of course!  Although, you'd never think it when you come to Lula Lounge on Friday evening.  Musicians here played for most of the top bands in Cuban timba before arriving here!



We have booked workshops with some of the most innovative rueda de casino teachers in the world. It’s an invigorating experience for intermediate/expert dancers like you to explore new ideas and techniques, establish international connections with people who love what you love, and bring home some great memories. This is your chance to:

* Enhance your dance skills with advanced workshops
* Discover innovative variations and styles
* Network with fellow rueda enthusiasts
* Reignite your passion for rueda and leave fully enthused

* Friday evening, dance to a live band with some of Lula Lounge’s top Cuban musicians
* Saturday after workshops: great food, dancing, orisha demo by Sarita from Holguin
* Sunday, outdoors rueda at the beach

You can book one of our lunch options for delivery during workshops on Saturday.  Take advantage of all the opportunities to practice, get feedback, and get new ideas into your “game”.

For intermediate and advanced rueda de casino lovers. If you are a beginner, please start by taking some good lessons near you. Then when you’ve got your basics down, come and meet us at the next RuedX!



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